Saturday, 24 May 2014


There is much discussion about the change that we are all experiencing in
the ceramics market.  It is a complex issue that defies ready analysis – one
thing is for sure, it is too simplistic to blame the recession alone, there
are a number of factors. There is undoubtedly a change in public taste; the
market is much more disparate - on line sales, ceramic fairs, open studios
as well as galleries, of which there are fewer sadly. The old collectors who
were the mainstay of the market in the decades up to the turn of the century
are no longer around and the new generation of collectors are much more
eclectic in their interests.

Bevere Gallery is one of the few galleries that represents so many potters.
We believe it is the diversity and quality that makes it an important
destination for anyone with an interest in ceramic art and craft. Our
challenge is to ensure that we continue to show quality makers and maintain
the interest of our visitors. Ceramics have such tactile appeal that we
still believe that seeing, handling and appraising prior to potential
purchase is the important asset of the real, rather than virtual, gallery -
together with thoughtful display and enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff.
 Here we are in the middle of the year already and, as always for the
curator, the realisation of plans put together a year or so ago. The range
and diversity of the work being shown during June is the Bevere signature.

 Firstly, I need to confirm that Part 2 of the Art of Outdoors
show in the
Gallery Outside is due to open on 31st May and will run to 9th July. This
all-ceramic exhibition has stunning work by Patricia Volk,

Shona Leitch,

and Alison Jones.
Make sure you do not miss the opportunity
to see, handle, appraise and maybe purchase one of these fine pieces which
will enhance any garden. In the main gallery, we also have small sculptural
pieces by Patricia Volk. This work combines the imaginative use of colour
with shape, balance and elegant abstraction.

 The featured maker new to the Gallery this month is Karen Bunting.
Karen is the current Chair of the Craft Potters Association whose work is functional and subtly decorative. She has a distinctive style and has been an established maker over a number of years.


will be known, to some
of our visitors, for the evocative maiden gracing the courtyard and Gallery
Outside. This month’s feature of her smaller work has many of the elements
in her larger piece and given the growing interest in the authentically
oriental I am sure that you will share my admiration for this work.

 Matt Horne 
has been a regular exhibitor for a number of years. He is a master of
the crystalline glaze technique. He is a fine thrower of pots and his superb
glazing and elegant shapes are mutually enhancing.

Last, but certainly not least, John Maltby
enthusiasts will be pleased to
see new work that we recently acquired from John. This small group of pieces
shows his unique style to best effect and given the opportunity to choose
what we wanted we are very happy with our choices.

Stop Press. Just in a new group of work from Peter Hayes.
There is certainly
an embarrassment of riches this month.

Stuart Dickens
May 24th 2014

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