Monday, 17 June 2013

Mid Month Message from Our Ceramic Curator

Only two more weeks before the end of Ceramics Now - if you haven’t yet been able to see this show and are looking for the best in contemporary studio ceramics, then try to visit before the 29th June.

All those who have visited so far have commented on the range and quality of the show. I was delighted with the look of the exhibition from the outset. It was particularly satisfying to see, for example the luminescent wood-fired pots of Clive Bowen sitting comfortably alongside the outstanding new work of Ashraf Hanna. Ashraf and I have had many conversations about showing at Bevere over the last few years and at last he is here with his stunning vessels which are the product of his time at the RCA undertaking an MA. We have had so many comments about these pieces and they clearly appeal to people of all tastes.
Another talking point has been the completely new style of pot now being made by Gabriele Koch – long admired for her elegant smoke fired and burnished pieces. The black pots with white porcelain inlays make striking punctuation marks in an exhibition which has quality written all over it. This is the ceramic lovers ‘Desert Island’ show.
Incidentally, I am also delighted that one of the exquisite John Ward vessels has been sold to the Director of an eminent art museum in the USA. Good to know we are on the international map as well as confirming what we already know – John Ward is a world class ceramicist.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the fine outdoor ceramics which are now in the newly developed Gallery Outback and will be showing June through August. The scale and undoubted quality of this work, most of which feature as part of the Ceramics Now show, makes these vessels and sculptures ideal focal points, even in the small garden. Whilst I am reluctant to single out individual makers, I am in awe of the technical skills involved in the making of some of the huge pieces we have on show. Try to make time for a visit ‘Outback’ as well as the main gallery.
Do come and see for yourself before the show closes or indeed come again and enjoy the experience one more time.
Stuart Dickens
Ceramic Curator – 16 June 2013

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