Friday, 24 May 2013

Ceramics Now


Bevere Gallery was proud to celebrate the CPA’s 50th Anniversary with an appropriately prestigious show involving some of the best studio potters. The Gallery is now pleased to be taking part in an event which is the first of its kind for the CPA and the four participating galleries. CeramicsNow will simultaneously show the work of some sixty CPA members across four galleries – ourselves; New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham; The Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool and the Contemporary Ceramics Gallery in London.
We are excited about the twenty four makers that will be showing at Bevere both inside and outside –see below. There is a wonderfully diverse mix which should excite wide interest. We believe that the gallery remains an important vehicle for the promotion and sale of studio ceramics; a view which is shared by the participating galleries. Our role is to educate, stimulate and respond to change in positive ways that maintain momentum in the market. Importantly, we should enthusiastically and knowledgeably promote the work of the country’s finest craftsmen and women.
All aspects of cultural life are subject to the vagaries of fashion and public taste – and studio ceramics is no exception. Today’s collector is much more eclectic; responding to the objects that evoke a response whether it be intellectual, emotional or aesthetic. The Shock of the New is still a powerful stimulus to makers, gallerists and committed buyers – we should embrace it in the knowledge that renewal and reinvention is essential to a healthy ceramic culture and infrastructure.

In the Gallery: -
In the Courtyard and NEW Gallery Outback:-
Gallery Out Back
Sculptures in OutBack

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