Friday, 18 January 2013

A Milestone - our 10.000th pot on the web - a Walter Keeler Mug

10,000 POT!
It is hard to believe, but we have just uploaded the 10,000th pot on our website and it could not be more appropriate –a Walter Keeler mug. Walter is an elder statesman of studio pottery and I am delighted that one of his pieces marks this milestone.

We have shown his work for a number of years and had innumerable conversations with visitors to the gallery about this supreme craftsman.
Then why a humble mug, I here you cry? Well, this is what fate has determined should be number 10,000. It is not just a mug. It is a vessel that embraces all of the qualities that so many of us admire in Walter’s work. It is elegantly designed and beautifully proportioned – sitting so well in the hand. The lustrous ink wash glaze emphasises the shape and the volume of the pot. His signature mark is the only decoration. This is a simple mug – but as the great Hamada once said in response to a comment by one of his students about the simplicity of a particular pot – there is nothing simple about it at all.
Some of latest collection in The Gallery- includes "THE MUG"
                      Stuart Dickens

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