Monday, 31 December 2012

THE CURATOR’S VIEW - January 2013

Happy New Year!
I write this in the week when we put up the annual GraduateShow, which opens Saturday 5th January and runs until Saturday 26th January.
I am often asked how we select the exhibitors for this show, which are mainly ceramics graduates but also include jewellers, artists and an exceptional bowl maker from Herefordshire. Each year, we attend the New Designers Exhibition in London, which brings together all of the Applied Arts Graduates from that year. This enables us to compare and contrast the graduates in one place at the same time, which from a curator’s perspective is invaluable. We long list, from that first look, those makers who essentially fill two criteria – good craft skills and an individual voice. Back at Bevere we then make our final choice – not always an easy task.
It is invidious to pick out any one of the makers. Visitors will be able to select whom they like the best and possible win £100 for doing so. Suffice to say; there is exceptional new talent here which we hope will capture your imagination and interest. This is an important event for the gallery and an even more important show for the graduates.
As we have in previous years, we will be showing the work of graduates whose work continues to be shown at Bevere. We are also delighted to have another group of new pieces from Chris Taylor, who won last year’s vote to give every one of our visitors, but particularly those who voted for him, the chance to see his work one year on.
Do come and see this show. It is the perfect antidote to rain and grey skies!

                                                                                                                              Stuart Dickens

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