Wednesday, 12 January 2011



Annual event showing work work of 2010 graduates
Joanne Throp – Ceramics – UCLAN
Edward Baldwin – Ceramics – Cardiff
Alex McCarthy – Ceramics – Cardiff
Beth Gibson – Ceramics - Cardiff
Ruth Prescott – Ceramics – St Martins
Ewelina Mruk – Ceramics – Stafford
Ita Drew – Ceramics and Drawings – Hereford
Jewels Williams – Ceramics & Paintings – Hereford
Sarah John – Ceramics – Plymouth
Tania Clarke – Ceramics – Plymouth
Jeremiah Allman – Ceramics – Bath Spa
Daniel Roberson – Painter – Aberystwyth MA
Rosemary Fahimi – Printmaker – Aberystwyth BA
Laura Hunt – Printmaker – Aberystwyth BA
Jake Lazzari – Metal – Hereford
Emily Cross – Ceramics – Bath Spa
Fleen Doran - Ceramics - Cardiff

An exhibition showing great diversity of work from Graduates selected by our Gallery team who visited University shows throughout the country

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  1. This is the first year of the 'BEVERE GALLERY GRADUATE AWARD'
    We are asking all Gallery visitors to select the maker’s work that they most admire by completing a voting slip available in the gallery. The winner will be the graduate who receives the most votes. One of those voting visitors will receive a voucher for £100 to be spent at Bevere Gallery
    The prize for the winning graduate will be a commitment from the gallery to show their work on an ongoing basis and the opportunity of free workshop facilities culminating in a special display of work produced ‘a year on’.
    The result will be announced at Noon on Saturday 5th February.