Wednesday, 12 January 2011


A Note from Stuart Dickens our Ceramic Curator
Kim Chesters and I have jointly curated this annual show and I guess we find this one of the most exciting events in the gallery exhibition calendar. There is a real buzz that comes from bringing together the talents of new artists and makers in what for some will be their first commercial gallery experience. We have also found that our regular visitors are stimulated by new and distinctive voices that we hope will continue to develop and flourishTHE GRADUATE SHOW 2011
The most commonly asked question is - ‘How do we select the exhibitors?’ Clearly there is a strong element of personal taste but there are some more tangible criteria for selection:
·       Maturity of voice and style
·       Craft skills
·       Visual impact
There is another important criterion – the dreaded C word. Is the work commercial? We make no apologies for including this factor as the hope of selling the work is the most important feedback for the artist/maker as well as the gallery.
For a long time, we have felt the need to support new and emerging talent and there is a significant number of graduates whose work we have continued to promote and feature in exhibitions.
This year we are asking visitors to the show to select their favourite exhibitor. This has encouraged people to take more detailed interest in each maker as well as adding some fun to the show. The most favoured graduate will be getting a year’s support from the gallery – promoting their work offering help and advice etc.
We feel that this year’s Graduate Show is one of the best and judging by the response of our visitors they agree with us.

The Graduate Show got off to a great start on Saturday.   Gallery visitors, Graduates and their friends and families  enjoyed the diversity of this exhibition and arrived steadily throughout the day.
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