Monday, 2 November 2009

POT OF THE MONTH - November 2009

CHRISTY KEENEY'S -   'Portrait of an Artist'

This month the Gallery's the pot of the month is a Christy Keeney sculpture. Christy is one of the distinctive artists in clay whose work is instantly recognised by so many ceramic enthusiasts. The deconstruction of his subjects is a unique feature of his work, which in his own words, he sees as 3D painting.

Whilst it is possible to detect some of his influences Christy’s voice is very much his own.  I like this piece because it has so many of the distinctive features of his style - the head, the subtle and understated use of colour, and the ingenious drawing together of the elements of the subject to form a satisfying whole.

Each of his pieces need space - this one no less - where the character of the work can be fully expressed.  Christy attempts to express the human spirit in all its forms and the popularity of his work suggests that his ambition resonates with many of us.

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