Sunday, 8 November 2009

Landscapes in Oils by Linda Judkins

 The Gallery at Bevere
  is delighted to stage  Linda Judkin's  Solo Exhibition  of her  paintings in the SPACE UPSTAIRS throughout November

She is a Worcester based artist.  She is inspired by nature and by the often rapidly altering quality of light upon landscape.  She lives at the southern most edge of the city overlooking meadows near the River Teme and so is constantly aware of the varying moods of nature. 

She has been exhibiting her work  with us at Bevere for six years.

Linda was an adult art student at Malvern Hills College for more than ten years where she studied painting and drawing of human figure, still life and landscape.

The eight paintings in this exhibition are some of Linda's recent smaller landscape works in oils.  They form part of a larger body of work which she depicts the transitory in nature through colour, tone, texture and composition.

She is endlessly fascinated by the mixing of hues on her palette that reflect the subtly of tonal and colour variation that she sees in atmospheric effects,  and the paintings explore spatial depths within them.

Linda says 
In  my compositions I aim to harness and organise the fleeting elements of  'atmosphere'
inherent in the subject matter.

 I use oil paint texture to  transform the transient into something more substantial which conveys the significance of the passing moment.

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