Saturday, 10 October 2009


Exhibition of ceramics and original prints

This exhibition brings together master print makers and ceramicists for whom print is the dominant decorative medium

The Gallery at Bevere prides itself on the quality and diversity of its exhibitions. This one is no exception and we hope that bringing these artists and ceramicists together will promote greater understanding of the technical processes and possibilities.

Ceramicists – David Rhys Jones, Annabel Farraday, Joanna Veevers, Jo Lee, Fiona Thompson, Patrick King, Paul Scott

PrintmakersAnja Percival, Sarah Ross Thompson, John Duffin, Vicky Shaw

Print and Clay seem to have been partners for a long time. We are all familiar with the transfer printed pottery of the 19th Century and indeed our everyday drinking mugs are often printed with logos, images or aphorisms. We think nothing of it, we take for granted that this is easy to achieve and that the technology is now a routine aspect of ceramic design and production.

What is less well known is that the processes involved in transferring print to clay are many and varied and we are often left open-mouthed as we wonder - ‘How did they do that?’ This exhibition has been put together to demonstrate how the studio potter is at the forefront of innovation and creative thinking to make their vessels and objects beautiful, evocative, provocative, sometimes political and most importantly difficult to ignore.

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