Friday, 2 October 2009

POT OF THE MONTH - October 2009


Stuart Dickens our Ceramic Curator says-

"It is unusual for us to select a pot which has just been seen in a Gallery at Bevere exhibition. However, the work of Thomas Hoadley is so exceptional that choosing another pot this month would have proved difficult.

What makes Thomas’s work so exceptional?

Firstly, his pots demand the highest level of craft and skill. He is a master of the nerikomi technique. Slabs of clay are mixed with stains and oxides, stacked, folded, pressed into logs, sliced, and arranged in moulds to form a vessel. In this way, the numerous stacked layers appear as fine undulating lines embedded in a surrounding colour in the finished vessel. It is even more remarkable that the juxtaposed slabs show no sign of pressure in the bonding and the integrity of the pattern and colour is maintained. His use of porcelain seems just right for these opulent vessels.

Secondly, each pot has a seductive aesthetic appeal. They are elegant, have striking colour contrasts, strong organic shapes and a timeless quality which will always ensure their contemporaneity.

If there is an Antiques Roadshow in 100 years time – "and there probably will be - this is the kind of work we would expect to see there.

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