Thursday, 31 January 2019

The Curator's View - February 2019

The Annual Graduate Show was very well received and although the final count of the votes of visitors to the exhibition has yet to take place, we know that the voting has been quite competitive. Watch this space for the winner to be announced. I am confident that we have some excellent new talent to enhance our list of makers and artists.
Geoffrey Swindell last exhibited here in 2015 when his work was received with interest and enthusiasm.  He is uniquely a ceramic miniaturist whose making skills and creativity are extraordinary. He has been making for well over 40 years and there has been no diminution of his imaginative practice.
When his work was unpacked I was blown away by the quality in the making - which is a given - and by the continuing inventiveness and creativity evident  in each vessel. He has made a fine selection of pots for this feature and further more, I am delighted that he will be joining us  on 9th February for our monthly Maker's Lunch when we will have the chance to talk with him at length about his practice and his creative drive.
Geoffrey's work demonstrates profoundly that the presence of a vessel isn't a matter of scale but other essential elements which his work embraces. We will learn more about what they are as we spend time with him and his work.

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