Monday, 1 May 2017


Four featured makers this month, three of whom have been shown at Bevere before and we are delighted to welcome back.

 Guy Routledge was a great success when he first exhibited his distinctive sculptural pieces here in 2016. His is a striking individual voice and the range of his figurative sculpture from small to large scale clearly appealed to our visitors. There is an increasing interest in ceramic sculpture particularly when someone like Guy brings such a unique perspective to his subjects.

Jill Shaddock first appeared at Bevere in our annual graduate show some time ago. She is arguably one of the most talented potters using the casting technique amongst her generation. Her tricolour cast bowls are immaculate and she clearly accepts only the highest quality in her finished pieces. She was at Ceramic Art London (CAL) this year and had a successful show – not difficult to understand why, given the elegant look of her work.

Keith Varney has been  featured at Bevere several times. Again, we have an original voice whose complex pieces have always drawn curiosity and admiration in equal proportion. Whatever the size of his pieces they each have a presence which derives from Keith's creative energy and inventive skills. He will also be participating in our Makers Lunch to be held on Saturday May 6 – do contact the gallery to get tickets.

Finn Dam Rasmussen, from Denmark is the new maker to the gallery.  He made an impressive appearance at CAL in 2016 and again this year. We are delighted to be be showing his strong sculptural pieces with salt-glazed decoration for the first time at Bevere. His decoration is a major feature and we have spent time ourselves looking at the layering of his slipwork and the attractive patterns some of which are quite complex. Certainly pots that will benefit from a second and third look.

So that's the Bevere line up for May. Enjoy

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