Saturday, 27 August 2016


This 10th Anniversary year has provided the opportunity to reflect on and select the makers that have provided us with so much pleasure during the last decade but also the chance to involve makers who have yet to show here – indeed I never cease to be amazed at the superb ceramicists who have yet to appear on our featured maker programme.

 This month's featured makers embrace both

MO JUPP is an elder statesman of the ceramic world having been a teacher and mentor to so many ceramicists. He now lives and works in France. The move across the Channel has regenerated his creative vigour. This unique sculptor is a definite ‘one off’. His apparently simple approach to figurative ceramics is deceptive; behind every piece there is a perceptive insight into the human form.

is a new maker to us. Her intricately patterned and coloured pieces have an instant appeal. Caroline’s main business is in consultancy having trained as an Architect at Cambridge; If this is the product of part time work in ceramics we can only imagine the outcome if she were full time! I was impressed initially with her use of pattern and colour which is particularly striking and I suspect that many of our visitors will feel the same.

is showing with us again having recovered from spinal surgery. His reticulated glazes and elegantly potted vessels have always been popular. He is meticulous in the finishing of his pieces and accepts nothing but perfection in his eyes. We are able to enjoy the fruits of his creative drive. This entirely new body of work - which I have just seen for the first time - extends the range of his work and is particularly sculptural. As always his making and decoration skills are meticulous. Once again a delight to show his work here.

As ever we try hard to ensure that there is contrast and diversity demonstrating the immense range of skills and creativity in ceramics.  If you think I have been overgenerous with my praise for these makers – come and judge for yourself.

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