Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Curator's View - August 2014

As I mentioned last month Richard Godfrey is providing the gallery with his stunning new work. It is now with us and I am in no doubt that it will be one of a number of delights for visitors to enjoy ion the coming months. What makes this new work from Richard so special? I would say that all of the hall marks of his making - design, draughtsmanship, colour sense, glazing and above all creative energy – are brought together to produce individual works which are not easily characterised. Essentially this is ceramic fine art; the work of an artist in clay.
Wendy Kershaw is new to the gallery.
Her framed porcelain panels are distinctive and often illustrate the everyday in an unexpected way. Wendy’s small group of work has made an immediate impact on staff here and we believe that our visitors will be equally delighted with these exceptional pieces.

David and Margaret Frith   This is studio ceramics of the highest order. I did say that our visitors this month would be in for some special ceramic treats.

are exhibiting again this month. They have been making pots for 50 years and yet they remain inventive and endlessly creative. Sometimes we see long established potters whose work is well made but sadly all too predictable. That can never be said of the Frith’s.

 Hiromi Nakajima 

has been a popular ceramic sculptor whose work has been well received in recent years. However, a young daughter and a change of address have impacted on her production. She has now provided us with new work including hippopotamuses that will raise a smile. Good to see her making again.

Putting up this month’s new work will be a joy and I hope that seeing it in the sunshine -which continues to stream into the gallery this summer - will be something special. 

Stuart Dickens - Ceramic Curator 

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