Tuesday, 2 April 2013


"This month we are once again demonstrating the virtues of diversity with three featured makers who are regularly shown at Bevere and have provided new bodies of work for this month.
Eric Moss is one of the distinctive voices in raku and his squid shapes and tactile pieces will be known to many of our visitors.
This latest group has some of those forms but there is more colour here and a new series called ‘knives’ which unites rocking pieces into interactive sculpture.
Matthew Marsh
is a Wolverhampton Graduate who first appeared in the Bevere 2010 Graduate Show and has been in the gallery regularly since then. There is a unique quality to Matthew’s work which embraces classical forms and yet through alteration and his striking decorative technique gives all his pieces an almost decadent quality.
John Maltby is amongst the best known of studio potters. His response to the growing demand for his distinctive and singular work has been met with burgeoning creativity which belies his age. We are genuinely delighted to be showing another hand- picked group of his sculptures. They will not disappoint.

Visitors will also be able to see new pieces from Alan Birchall, who has trained in Japan and gives a fresh feel to oriental inspired stoneware.
  Emily Kriste-Wilcox is another contemporary potter whose new work has a reflective quality and an elegant contemporary presence. I like Emily’s new work which is more nuanced with subtle shading and texture. It would be good to know what you think of them."
Stuart Dickens

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