Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pete Higgs & Friends in the Stable Workshop

Bevere Stable - Exhibition of the Group's Ceramics

We were very pleased to welcome 'Pete and his Friends' back this year to do a week's residence

 Pete is one of our regular exhibitors and his stoneware fruit and leaves have been part of our sculpture trail for many years.  His ceramics are always available in the Gallery and 'online'
Pete Higgs working on his porcelain sculptures
Ronald Styles arranging display of his ceramics
Gill Tennant-Eyles with her handbuilt pots

Eunice Powell starting her screen printing

 There was a different potter demonstrating each day and our visitors enjoyed seeing their varied work and talking about their experiences.

Pete Higgs, Gill Tennant-Eyles, Eunice Powell and Roland Styles formed a small artist group after studying for their Degrees and Masters at University.

Since then they have organised an exhibition tour and after the Bevere Stables workshop will be at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery for a 12 month exhibition in the contemporary galleries, under the name of "Ceramics Collective".

All four have said how much they have enjoyed their week at Bevere Gallery, as it has given them the opportunity to interact with buyers and explain their work in more detail.

Pete says "Hopefully visitors to the gallery have enjoyed talking to the artists, we've certainly enjoyed talking to them and would love to return next year".

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  1. It looks as if there is a lot of talent at work here. The Pete Higgs ceramics have caught my eye; it will be great to see how those spiky creations turn out.