Saturday, 26 May 2012

JUNE - Our Curator's View

May was a really stimulating month from a gallerist’s perspective – footfall has been good but importantly there has been so much interest in the ceramics currently on show. This has reaffirmed our view that the rich diversity of studio ceramics that we have on display at Bevere appeals to a wide range of taste and interests. June will be providing yet more new work from makers who have not been here for a while.

Morgen Hall is an ardent supporter of the gallery but she has not been making for some time. Whilst we hope to have a body of work from her in the not too distant future, she has been able to let us have a beautifully crafted, yet completely one-off, piece (two pieces in one actually) which she describes as a Cocoa, Coffee, Vanilla Brandy Cream Mousse Mould. As we have come to expect from Morgen, this versatile vessel is exquisitely designed and executed. The image here shows the pot with mousse – how often does that happen – however in the words of Morgen herself if making mousse isn’t your thing, then it will make a great fruit bowl. I’ll settle for it being a wonderful piece of ceramic art.

I have known Jitka Palmer for a long time and it was a pleasure to see her visit the gallery when she delivered new work and two of her watercolours. 
by Jitka Palmer

After a foray into porcelain, she is back into earthenware, which I believe supports her painting and palette more effectively. If you know her porcelain bowls then come and see this new work and let us know what you think. If you have never seen her work, then come and see these unique three dimensional paintings.

It is so good to have Mark Smith here and in the month of June too. His work is redolent of the sea and the seaside. There is a strong ‘feel good factor’ about Mark’s work which is inventive and always amusing. He lives and works in Staffordshire which could not be further from the world he depicts in his pieces – such is the power of the artist’s imagination.

Ceramics by Antonia Salmon
Antonia Salmon is a consummate ceramic artist whose sculptural pieces are organic, tactile and sensuous. She has one of the most readily identifiable voices in British studio ceramics and we are delighted to have her represented here again. Each of her pieces is the product of a lengthy and meticulous making process and each work has that sense of completeness that comes from high level craft and design skills.
David Wright's Handbuilt Woodfired Coiled Pots
If you have been reading this blog you will know that we have started to feature the work of selected CPA Associates. This month we are pleased to have David Wright on show in the gallery with an excellent group of coiled stoneware and in person, as he has agreed to undertake a residency with us for a week from the 12th - 16th. These are strong pots that have an interesting mix of the classical and contemporary and we know they will appeal to many of our visitors. Do come and talk to David who will be delighted to share his experience with you. This is hand-building of the highest quality.

Rose Wallace has lived in Oxford for the past thirty years. She has been involved in ceramics since 1998 latterly studying at Buckinghamshire New University, graduating with a 1st class B.A.(hons) in 2008. We are delighted to be showing a range of her latest work for the first time. Her Flatback Figure Series recall traditional Staffordshire mantelpiece ornaments, however these unique ceramic figures are crafted from casts of contemporary consumer packaging and discarded domestic ephemera. Quietly narrative, they capture the minutiae of modern life. Definitely not 'old Staffordshire!'
June is also a month of high expectation. July and August will be devoted to the Cornwall Crafts Association with a show which we know you will want to visit more than once. For our part we anticipate that the logistics of setting out the work of over fifty makers will be as daunting a task as any of our past challenges. Needless to say we know it will be worth it for the pleasure it will give us and we hope our many visitors. See you soon!

Stuart  Dickens

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