Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Year Message from Stuart our Ceramic Curator

THE CERAMIC CURATOR'S VIEW- January 2012- our 40th Anniversary year

There are few events in the Bevere calendar to match the buzz from the Annual Graduate Show. This year is no exception. Although somewhat smaller in scale, the quality of the show is very high and importantly contributes a real sense of optimism at a time when one  could argue that ceramics is facing a 'perfect storm' of an indifferent market, reduced potter incomes and shrinking infrastructure.
Stuart Dickens talking to visitors

There is clearly an appetite for the new and the provocative. Interestingly, work which was initially dismissed as " not to my liking" was after some time spent standing in front of the display, talking with the maker, understanding what inspired and motivated the potter, ended with an enthusiastic appreciation - even if it would not find a place in that particular home. The key message here is that
 we all need time to look and absorb.

Here is a show that majors on craft skills and creativity. Each of the exhibitors has an original voice with the energy and commitment to make good, despite the prevailing gloom.

The response of the visitors to the exhibition has been very encouraging and the exchanges between them and those graduates who were able to make it for the opening, confirms once again, that the relationship between studio potters and an enthusiastic public is part of the bedrock of ceramic culture.

The feedback from the first day as been very positive and the number of red spots in the gallery is the best feedback of all for this years graduates. For those who have yet to see the show, try not to miss it - you will not be disappointed.
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  1. Saw the show at the weekend and loved it - particularly Michele Coxon's work.

  2. Thank you - We loved it too.