Wednesday, 30 March 2011

1000th Potter - Robin Welch


Milestones are inevitably a feature of our lives and no less so for Bevere Gallery which has in the past year registered the 6000th pot on our website. Now, we are happy to celebrate our one thousandth exhibitor. It could hardly have been more apposite for that exhibitor to be Robin Welch a doyen of contemporary studio ceramics and someone we have long wanted to feature at the Gallery.

Robin has been a singular figure in British ceramics for at least forty years. His freely constructed vessels – hand-built and thrown - are three-dimensional abstract expressionism. He is the archetypal potter/painter. Whether his work is on paper, board, canvas or in clay, there is a constant and consistent creative flow.

The fit between pot and decoration is extraordinary, whether it be a beautifully thrown cylinder or a part hand-built, part thrown organically developed vessel.

The pots and paintings in this show were selected by Alastair and Kim Taylor and we are in no doubt that this intimate group of work represents a potter still full of creative energy. There are a number of potters that we have shown recently who seem to be as creative and innovative as ever, notwithstanding their advancing years. Robin was born in 1936.

The pictures and pots sit very well together and as we prepare for this show I am in no doubt that the pleasure that we have in putting the exhibition together will be equalled only by the pleasure and stimulation we anticipate it will provide for our visitors.

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