Saturday, 14 August 2010


These two books will be available during Eric James Mellon's special 85th Birthday Exhibition here in September. This is a great opportunity to get your book signed

Eric James Mellon and Paul Foster
University of Chichester 2007
158 pages

This lavishly illustrated volume was written at the behest of Mellon aficionados who were concerned that his extensive and innovative research into ash glazes should be written up for practitioners as well as the ceramic enthusiast.

It sets out with great clarity the concern that he had to translate his drawing to high-fired stoneware without the inevitable loss of definition that occurs at high temperatures. This book is an important survey of his ceramic output and the themes of decoration which have defined his work over many decades.

Eric James Mellon
University of Chichester 2010
128 Pages

This is the second beautifully illustrated book by Eric James Mellon, this volume is a survey of the printmaking of this prolific ceramicist and artist. It covers four techniques Рwood engraving, etching, aquatint and lithography with numerous examples of his output over many decades. The human form is an endless fascination for Eric and this is evident in nearly every print. Although many of his themes are concerned with mythology and religious iconography there is nevertheless a sense, as the clich̩ has it, that all human life is here. This volume will be of interest to student and art lover alike.

Eric signing his new book during the weekend of the launch of his celebratory exhibition in
                                 The Gallery at Bevere during September 2010

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