Thursday, 11 February 2010

POT OF THE MONTH - February 2010

Curator's Choice - Pot of the Month by Kevin de Choisy
Crown Prince (Pumpkin) Tea pot

This month’s choice is a humble or maybe not so humble teapot.  A good teapot is the potter’s test piece – make a teapot and almost any other vessel will readily come to hand.

This teapot is wonderfully crafted and the squash it represents seems good enough to eat. The handle on the lid is quirky but entirely consistent with a freshly picked vegetable.

Kevin has a particular interest in Whielden glazes and they serve his needs well to produce tableware that truly enhances the table and any meal.

He is passionately interested in early eighteenth century ceramics - in particular the work of Wedgwood before the onset of industrial-scale manufacturing. He produces a striking design effect by painting latex patches over a base glaze and then spraying a different coloured glaze over the pot before picking off the latex. The very shiny finish is achieved by the application of a very thin third glaze.

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