Wednesday, 6 January 2010

POT OF THE MONTH - January 2010

John Leach is a good friend of the Gallery and we are always pleased to have his work on show and for sale. The Black Mood pot is one of John’s signature pieces. It has a timeless elegance that stands well in almost any context. This lugged bowl is beautifully thrown - would we expect anything else – and has a simplicity of line and volume which is aesthetically so appealing.

Each individual black pot is saggar-fired. The random white markings are a spontaneous effect of the saggars' undulating sawdust packing and each is clearly different.

This pot has modest proportions but it also has great presence. Whilst we admire the Leach standard ware his individual signed pots are about John himself – taking forward the ‘Leach brand’ but nonetheless clearly expressing his character and distinctive voice."

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