Saturday, 5 September 2009

Made in America

It arrived in the nick of time as it was held up in customs till the very last minute. However in the Gallery’s true tradition the Exhibition "Made in America" was mounted and launched on time.

The Gallery at Bevere takes pride in the imaginative programming of its monthly exhibitions and the hope that throughout the year our visitors will see new ceramicists and those they have not seen for some time. September is the month when we try to organize a special show including makers of exceptional interest and quality.

The American ceramic scene is one that has interested us for some time and we are delighted to be able to show the work of three New England potters – one from Connecticut and two from Massachusetts - who have not exhibited in the UK before.

Stuart Dicken the Gallery’s Ceramic Curator says

"The three potters were selected after discussion with Thomas Hoadley and Sam Taylor - they are part of the wider community of New England potters and I know that they have a high regard for each other’s work.

Hayne Bayless's work is hand built stoneware or porcelain, mainly reduction-fired, using slab techniques and extruded elements, some with added handles and stems of metal or hand-carved hardwood.

Sam Taylor makes wood fired stoneware pottery. All his pottery is made on a Leach or treadle style wheel. He likes to throw pots on the wheel and then alter them, using a knife to cut facets or a paddle to change the form. He loves to decorate or paint on the pottery too.

The work sent by Hayne Bayless is very but it is a significant contrast to the work of Thomas Hoadley – He was

selected as his work is very vibrant and immediately attractive.

We see Thomas Hoadley's work as the centrepiece of this show - it is wonderfully crafted and these opulent vessels are going to interest serious collectors. “

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