Thursday, 20 August 2009

Exhibition & Book of the Month


New Approaches to Creativity

This exhibition is an exciting first for this gallery.

Carolyn Genders, whose work has frequently been featured here, has completed her second book about creativity and the artistic process.

We are delighted to be supporting the launch of this stimulating book in an exhibition that features nineteen makers and artists that she has profiled. Together they make up a rich and eclectic mix of talented artists and skilled craftspeople in widely diverse media.

Creativity and innovation have become key themes in the present debate about how to emerge from the current recession. Hard times or not, artists and makers have constantly striven for new ways of expressing their vision and developing the use of their chosen medium.

The exhibition at The Gallery at Bevere, brings the book to life with actual pieces featured. Carolyn herself and some of the other makers were available at the launch on 8th August to sign books and talk to visitors to the show which surprises and delights in equal measure –


Jewellery: Kayo Saito, Susan Cross, Nora Fok
Metal: Wayne Meeten
Enamel: Joan Mac Karell
Textiles: Judy Dwyer, Jeanette Appleton
Painting: Jane Ackwright, Howard Coles
Works on paper: Rob Peel
Collage: Hetty van Boekhout
Basketry: Mary Butcher, Jackie Binns
Ceramics: Ken Eastman, Maggie Williams, Yuk Kan Yeung, Carolyn Genders
Glass: Peter Layton, Katherine Coleman

This show surprises and delights in equal measure –

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