Sunday, 5 July 2009

' Art Europe'

The Gallery at Bevere’s major summer show was launched on the 4th July.

Two makers who were present – Thiébaut Chagué from France and Aase Haugaard from Denmark enjoyed talking to our many visitors during the “ launch” and also they enjoyed a walk round the Gallery garden and Sculpture Trail

It brings together ceramicists from eight European countries including the UK and
has been designed to compare and contrast.

The work of an individual potter cannot be expected to epitomise the work of a nation’s potters but we have eight diverse examples from the rich tapestry of European ceramics.

We hope that the exhibition"Art Europe" will stimulate and provoke – there is certainly a wide range of work and styles.

The ceramicists come from Denmark in the north, through Holland and Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Italy in the South and the UK.

Those taking part : -

France – Thiébaut Chagué
Germany – Petra Bittl
Belgium – Patty Wouters
Holland – Toon Thijs
Spain – May Criado
Italy – Pietro Elia Maddalena
Denmark –Aase Haugaard
UK – Sebastian Blackie

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