Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tableware Gallery

The Space upstairs has been converted into a Gallery for Tableware.

What a job it was - The beautiful wooden shelves hand made by 'Bono' wouldn't go up the stairs so the Café window came to the rescue.

Potters taking part-
Sue Paraskeva
Kaori Tatebayash
John Leach - the Muchelney Pottery kitchenware range
Jennifer Hall and
The Leach Pottery St Ives

Sue Paraskeva lives and works on the Isle of Wight and her tableware has been developed over time. This delicately speckled tableware is thrown on a stick driven momentum wheel. All the work is high-fired, glazed inside and unglazed outside and is dishwasher proof.

Kaori Tatebayashi grew up in a family who traded in pottery in Kyoto, Japan a city renowned for its ceramics. From a young age she was surrounded by the simple, elegant forms of Japanese tableware. The simple ceramic forms are created by a special moulding technique which gives each piece a unique character. She likes her work to be fresh and innovative but comfortable to use at the same time.

John Leach - the Muchelney Pottery kitchenware range, designed by John Leach, eldest grandson of renowned potter Bernard Leach is enormously popular and provides a wide choice of table, oven and kitchen ware. The pots are hand-thrown by the Muchelney Pottery team led by John with Nick Rees and Mark Melbourne before being wood-fired in the three-chambered kiln at temperatures exceeding 1300°C.

Jennifer Hall graduated from Cardiff in 1994. She has a studio near Rhayader in mid Wales where she pots on a kickwheel, making slip-decorated, useable earthenware. Her range of table and kitchen ware is much sought after and is amongst the best of the studio made domestic ware in the UK.

The Leach Pottery St Ives – we are proud to be the first gallery outside of the restored Leach Pottery Gallery to show the new domestic ware being produce by the team led by Jack Doherty. This range is an exciting outcome of the immense energy and passion that has been put into restoring the pottery which is the old home and workshop of Bernard Leach the grandfather of studio ceramics in the oriental tradition.

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